Lab Art and Other Creative Interpretations of our Science!

Science is always better when you bring in other creative mediums!

Thank you to everyone who helps with these fun projects!

C. elegans adult hermaphrodite DAPI-stained gonad mural from image taken by Diana

Mural by Sarah Stednitz (very talented grad student from Washbourne lab and Diana's BI 610 Molecular Genetics Course in Fall 2016)

Thank you Sarah for making our lab look even more awesome!!!!!

December 2016


C. elegans adult hermaphrodite anatomy and SYP-1 (green) RAD-51(brown) stained chromosomes

A surprise to Diana on her birthday by the lab.

Cake by Sweet Life Desserts

Made of all edible materials

Thank you Libuda Lab and Sweet Life!!!

August 2016

(note: Jackie Helm preserved the fondant worm and you can see it outside of Diana's office in a frame)