Computationally straighted C. elegans meiotic chromosome from the late pachytene region of the germ line; stained by HTP-3 and COSA-1
Mailing Address and Contact Info Diana E. Libuda, PhD Institute of Molecular Biology Dept. of Biology University of Oregon 1370 Franklin Boulevard Eugene, OR 97403-1229 office: 375E Streisinger Hall lab: 375/381/396 Streisinger Hall lab phone: 541-346-9885 email: dlibuda(at)uoregon(dot)edu How to find us We are located on the 3rd floor of Streisinger Hall (just at the top of the central staircase), which is part of the Lokey Science Complex at the University of Oregon.
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Libuda Lab home page button; DSBs marked by RAD-51 foci in a single C. elegans germ cell nucleus